Saturday, 15 August 2015

let me live

Admittedly I don't usually pay as much attention to menswear as I do to womenswear. That explains why Craig Green's SS15 collection slipped under my radar. I looked into it after watching FKA Twigs' masterpiece for her new EP M3LL155X, in which she wears pieces from the collection. I greatly admire the work of many innovative young designers, and Green truly stands out in the menswear arena. Whilst other designers flit between beautiful but repetitive suits and tacky motifs in attempt to be edgy, Green creates minimalist yet intricate pieces. In particular, the purity of the Spring 2015 collection had a surprisingly emotional impact on its audience. labelled the show a fashion "moment"; something that is often talked about but rarely happens.

Green's experimental silhouettes are reminiscent of a tamer, more wearable Rei Kawakubo collection. However, the clothing's structure was only one element of the show. Green called the show "a silent protest" but gave no information about what he was protesting against. However, doesn't that add to the artistic nature of the show? Art is made to be interpreted by each individual. The blank protest is more tasteful than appropriating a real social or political struggle, but the potency remains. There was a kind of hippie idealism channelled through the models' bare feet and casual gait that adds to the notion of general protest and the optimism at the start of the hippie movement. Overall, the collection was unique and experimental whilst maintaining a high degree of reserved elegance, much like FKA twigs' stylish describes twigs' own style.


  1. Craig Green is such an amazing designer, the skill and artistry involved is incredible, a mix between Viktor and Rolf and Alexander McQueen. Really great review of the collection! xx


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