Monday, 10 August 2015

roberta einer 2015

Hello! Firstly, I apologise for being absent from here and other forms of social media for a couple of weeks, but I've been on holiday in Ceffalonia. It was such a relaxing holiday and I have lots of photographs to share in a later post. Also, I turned eighteen yesterday (goodbye Forever.) I got home in the early hours of this morning so I've spent today watching films. I did check out the 2015 Westminster graduate collections for the first time today.

My favourite collection from the 2015 Westminster graduate shows was by Roberta Einer. It struck the perfect balance between kitsch and club culture. It caught my attention primarily because it featured elements of Meadham Kirchhoff and Rodarte, which are two of my favourite brands, but I consider it more practical than Meadham Kirchhoff and less delicate than Rodarte. Its consistent candy colours and youthful vibrancy set it apart from other designers, especially when contextualising it as a graduate collection, evoking the future and what it means to be young. The vibrant colours and patterns together with the intricate embellishments gives it the right balance between fun and elegant. Its evocation of other designers is not necessarily a negative. Roberta Einer follows in the footsteps of young designers whose collections set them apart from the mainstream and its important for more and more designers to refresh the industry and remind followers that fashion can be about more than just selling clothes. I think this collection reflects young adulthood. It has graduated from the teenage aesthetic to the time where you are first experimenting with really going out, yet there it still has an element of childhood fancy dress. 


  1. I love the cotton candy color palette of this collection. The detailing on the knit is so cool, and I'm also getting somewhat of a mermaid aesthetic from the blue beading.

    // kani

    1. The mermaid aesthetic is what reminded me of rodarte, but the colour palette makes it more unique.

  2. ooh yes, I agree about the Rodarte and Meadham Kirchhoff influences. I love #2 and #5. Happy belated birthday!



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