Monday, 17 August 2015


Wearing: Topshop jacket, t-shirt from Camden, Espirit dress (worn as skirt), Nike trainers.

Firstly, I apologise for the not so great quality of these photographs. I couldn't decide what setting to take them in and most of them turned out really blurry. Ugh x 100000. Since returning from Keffalonia I've slipped back into the midsummer routine of spending days that seem decades long at home reading, writing and watching Gossip Girl. Hence, I've been dressing in comfortable clothes that make the tiring journeys from my bedroom to the kitchen to make coffee as stress-free as possible. This outfit is one of the more creative looks I've put together. I definitely feel more confident when I take a little time to wear something different. Other days I tend to dress inspired by off-duty models which more often than not entails skinny jeans and shirts. The day I wore this outfit I did actually leave the house (!) to go for a walk then look round the local charity shops. I found a gorgeous silky shirt, but decided to look elsewhere before buying it. When I went back to the shop it had shut so I consoled myself with a tootsie roll and the latest issue of Dazed. Perhaps it's for the best. I've become a hoarder of elegant charity shop shirts. They are perhaps the only items that make it seem appropriate to the put the words "elegant" and "charity shop" next to each other.


  1. That jacket is so nice - wish I could wear something like that right now, but the weather where I live has been faaaaar too hot. ugh.

  2. LOVE the jacket! The heat where I live is atrocious, as well, though!^

    On a Saturday


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