Thursday, 3 September 2015

marc jacobs fall 2015

Marc Jacobs' beautiful Fall 2015 show was reminiscent of a gothic fairytale, as models, headed by fashion industry veteran Erin O’Connor, stomped down the runway at a powerful pace to the disconcerting soundtrack from “Requiem for a Dream”, like killers stalking their victims. The look was sensual and enchanted, with a sinister undertone that the soundtrack and lighting forced the audience to acknowledge head on. Its jarring sound built a tense atmosphere, like the inhalation of breath that comes with someone confidently walking past, dressed in an elegant and sexy head to toe Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 ensemble. 

Queen Erin: Kicking the show off to a powerful start.

Welcome to the 60s: Jacobs was inspired by Diana Vreeland

Inspired by late US Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland, the collection was intimidating in the same glamorous way that the entrance of the Vreeland inspired magazine editor is in the 1957 Audrey Hepburn film, “Funny Face.” The feminine early 1960s-esque skirts also mirrored Vreeland's era, with the threatening yet aspirational tone reflective of the exclusivity and elitism of Vreeland's fashion industry.

A Gothic Fairytale: In the show the pink slashes across this coat shimmer like blood in the dark.

Darkness predominated; creating the impression of a funeral march. There are contrasting opinions on all black outfits- despised by Anna Wintour and reported to prove intelligence and sexiness by Dazed magazine- but it is inarguable that Jacobs skilfully worked with the colour to bring out the best in it, resulting in chic and elegant pieces that are far from dull and ordinary.

Power Suits: Industry veteran Erin O'Connor set the powerful tone of the collection, which came into fruition in this stand out pink suit worn by Aya Jones.

The collection closed with a cluster of delicate gowns, finally revealing a vulnerability behind the predatory former looks. The diaphanous dresses revealed more, were more personal. Perhaps they represented the other side of the powerful, fast-paced women draped in structured black garments. Overall, despite its vastness the looks were consistently beautiful throughout. It covered a spectrum of emotions; beneath the disturbing and the powerful was a sensuality and romance. Though dark, it was not one-dimensionally so. 


  1. These are really beautiful pieces, nice blog!

  2. Wow, what an amazing collection.
    These pictures and clothes make me
    very excited for fall - I cannot wait to wear luxurious-looking
    dark colours and textures like velvet or satin. :)


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