Sunday, 22 May 2016

growing up is giving up

Back home I was constantly changing the way my room looked as I grew up and my interests evolved. My bedroom at home has so much character and I couldn't bear the idea of living in a soulless room for a year. Bringing all my favourite things to uni helped my room feel more like home. I'm moving out of halls in a couple of weeks so wanted to have some photos to remember it by. I decided to put the photos into this post. So here are my tips for making your uni room your own. They can be used for bedrooms in general, but especially if you're moving away from home. I hope you find it helpful if you're moving into a new room some time soon.

1. Posters and Postcards
"Growing up is giving up, stay punk" poster. This is from an old issue of i-D that I held onto to stick on my wall at uni because it was a message I wanted to remember as I turned 18/became "an official adult" just before starting uni. 
Allen Ginsberg and Wuthering Heights postcards. These were 18th birthday presents from Antonio. He wrote on the back that I should stick them on my wall at uni and of course I did in order to fulfill my full literature hoe potential.
Budapest postcard. I went to Budapest the week before uni and it was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. To remind myself of that trip and my love for travelling to cities I’ve kept it on my wall all year.
Poem. I picked up the Maya Angelou poem from the poetry society stall at the freshers fair and stuck it on my wall to inspire me.
Collage and painting. I made these at art society (see below for more.) 
Sculpture postcard. The postcard with the sculpture on it is one of my favourite pieces at my favourite art gallery in Sheffield.
Postcard. The postcard next to the sculpture postcard is a get well soon card that my aunt sent me when I was in hospital. I keep things that my family have sent me (cards from the beginning of uni, a guardian angel from my grandma) around my room to remind me of home.
Jarvis Cocker NME covers. I'm at uni in Sheffield so Jarvis Cocker needs to be in my room.
Set list. This is from when I saw The Magic Gang back in December. It was a really fun gig. I've got into the habit of saving setlists and posters from everything I go to now. It's becoming a bit of a problem because the floor and surfaces in my room are constantly covered in paper, but I want to keep it all because I don't want to forget anything. 

2. Records
Out of everything in my room, my records probably helped me to make friends with more like minded music snobs people throughout the first few months of uni. I brought a mixOture of my favourite classic albums: The Queen Is Dead, Horses and Pulp's debut album It and some newer ones that I wanted to be the soundtrack of my uni life: FKA Twigs, Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li.

3. Books
I do regret bringing so many books because a) I'm lucky if I find time to read for pleasure when I'm having to read up to two novels a week for my course and b) I now own 9 anthologies that are all at least 1,000 pages long each. I brought my favourite books like Just Kids, The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde and On The Road. I like having them around though I haven’t fully reread them. It was especially comforting to be able to pack Just Kids with me when I had to go to hospital in November.

4. Art
I like to keep art I've made around my room. It helps me to think more creatively. I joined art society because there’s no pressure to create conventionally good art. I've decorated tiles and made coasters from clay. Going somewhere at the end of the day and colouring or making something is so therapeutic and reminds me of my childhood. The rise in colouring books for adults proves the benefits of sometimes mindless creativity for the sake of it. 

5. Tea
I've been steadily adding to my tea collection all year. I've started drinking less coffee because it was making me feel ill but I have about ten different types of tea on my shelf. My mum sometimes sends me more tea in the post. I volunteer at a local grocery store and get discounted tea from there too. 

6. Clothes
I think it's best to bring staples and a few of your favourite pieces that stand out. Band t-shirts are always good to have in your wardrobe too. Sheffield has lots of incredible vintage shops so I have added a few pieces to my wardrobe since September. My favourite clothing purchase I've made at uni was undoubtedly myvintage black faux fur coat. It makes every outfit look more majestic. Not being able to wear it everyday anymore is the only thing I miss about winter. 

7. Souvenirs 
On my shelf I have matching shot glasses from Budapest and Amsterdam. I also have a cool apricot beer bottle I got when I visited Eleanor in Leeds. We went to the Wharf, a chilled out members bar, (membership is only £1 a year but you have to be a member or a member's +1 to buy drinks there) after we saw Wolf Alice in March. We went straight from there to a club night so I had to sneak the bottle in my tucking it down the back of my culottes. 

8. Magazines
One of the hardest things about being a student is that I no longer have enough money to maintain my lavish lifestyle of spending £10+ on fashion magazines a month. It's all very well to quote Sex and the City- "Sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more"- but I like dinner and all the shops that have a decent stock of magazines are half an hour away anyway. I haven't stopped buying magazines but I've become more selective about the ones I do buy. 

9. Old journals and zines
I didn't originally bring my old journals up to uni. However, I did a creative writing module in the first semester and realised it would actually be really useful to have my old journals to reference. I don't look at them much now but it's comforting to have them here. I'm proud of my zines so I like having them in my room.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone moving into halls this autumn. I've definitely learnt that I over packed and having less stuff that is more meaningful will be better when I move into a house next year.
Have a fab week x

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