Sunday, 29 May 2016

review: louis vuitton resort 2017

Source: Harper's Bazaar

The Contemporary Art Museum in Brazil was the setting for Louis Vuitton's Resort 2017 collection. Despite the futuristic architecture that was the backdrop to the show, the collection mixed old and new in what can be seen as a beautiful ode to the city of Rio de Janeiro itself. With the Olympics coming up, the city is rapidly modernising and globalising. However, its cultural roots will always be immensely important. Christ the Redeemer looked down on the collection from the mountaintop, ensuring a fusion between the ancient and the modern.

The collection was one of Nicolas Ghesquière's most diverse, with looks ranging from futuristic wetsuit style dresses to classic rock chick leather and chic festival-perfect sun dresses, ensuring that there were looks for every kind of summer style.

The space-age setting seems perfect for this collection, as it symbolises looking towards the future, which is what fashion is all about. Adding to this, it was more athletic than luxurious, creating a youthful vibe. This collection was about the new generation of Vuitton wearers rather than its veterans. Teen style icons Zendaya and Jaden Smith were both front row guests.

This athletic look is a nod towards the Olympic Games being hosted in the same city in two months time. With the museum being on the edge of the coast, it was as if the models had risen out of a utopian submarine. However, there were still gestures back to Ghesquière's Parisian cool, with leather jackets and mini bags, showing how the two cities merge together. Though the more Parisian looks appear effortless, looking closely, it becomes clear that they are painstakingly detailed.

The stereo handbags, which can supposedly play music out loud, were the most memorable accessory. These added to the young, fresh vibe emitting from the collection. In the wake of the Met Gala, it is obvious that stylish teens are leading the way forward in fashion. With this collection, Ghesquière has tapped into this perfectly.

(All runway images from Vogue Runway)

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