Friday, 27 May 2016

start with open eyes

A journal is the easiest way to keep all of your inspirations, memories and thoughts in one place. You can create a manifestation of your dreams, passions and most beautiful memories. My journal is a Molkeskine that I bought in Budapest, but this is the first Moleskine I've owned though I've been keeping journals for years. Cheaper journals from stationary stores or supermarkets are just as good, though owning a Moleskine does feel more special somehow so they're worth the investment. Most of the collage material I get from magazines like British Vogue, i-D, Dazed, Pop and AnOther. I also collect free music magazines like NME and DIY to collage with.

I tend to make collages with the images I cut out of magazines, but sometimes I stick one image on the page because often the subject of the photograph is too small to add to a collage. I like to make ending and beginning a journal something special. For the start of my current journal I made a list of philosophies to live by. I ended my last one by making a list of all the things I'd done for the first time since I'd been keeping the journal. I started the list when I came to uni in September and it lists all the gigs, galleries, restaurants and bars I've been to and the experiences I've had. 

Collaging is my favourite thing to do in my journal because it's often more therapeutic than writing because you don't have to be so inside your own head. I write in my journal everyday and I try to write down any important thoughts or anxieties I have as soon as I think of them so I can get on with my day and come back to it later. Other times I write long entries just because I feel like it. 
Collaging in my journal is one of the best ways to relax in revision breaks. I have a folder with all the magazine cuttings from my favourite shoots so I can easily put something together. If I'm stuck I look at tumblrs like fyeahjournals and thejournalclub for inspiration. I keep a journal tag on my tumblr too. The journals posted on Rookie are good for inspiration as well. My favourite Instagrams for journalling are sullensprite and caitlin.hazell

I collect random leaflets and posters from events that no one else wants. The Leadmill image was cut out from their events listing earlier in the year. I usually accompany collages with song lyrics related to the images. I keep lots of lists, such as the list of films I've seen/want to see this year and their ratings. The best films I've seen this year have been Fight Club, Inside Out and Goodnight Mommy (all completely different films, but equally brilliant.)

I don't usually stick postcards in my journal. I save them for photo frames on my bookcase or stick them on my wall. However, I buy at least one (usually more) postcard every time I go to a gallery so I have an excessive amount of them now and more are ending up in my journal.

A few photobooth photos and disposables are in there too. It's so nice to have tangible photographs of memories. It's so easy to lose things digitally, especially if most of your files are hopelessly disorganised like mine are. Keeping a journal means that they don't cause clutter and and you won't lose them because they're all in one place.

Other things in there: bad drawings, quotes, fruit stickers, poems, playlists and wishlists.

Have a good week! x

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