Thursday, 2 June 2016

a wicked gale came howling up through sheffield city centre

Here's an outfit I wore yesterday, which I spent working in my flat and listening to The National whilst staring at the grey sky out the window. I only have one exam left, so I don't have much revision to do, but I have been writing short French essays everyday which I've found a really good way to improve my understanding of the language overall. My exam is on Tuesday.

For this outfit, I decided to wear as many patterns as possible. The shirt (worn as a jacket) is possibly my favourite charity shop purchase ever. The choker is from eBay, top from Topshop, necklace from Accessorize, shorts from Miss Selfridge, tights from ASOS and Doc Marten shoes.

On Friday I am going for drinks with some coursemates which will be a nice revision break, then on Sunday I'm going to a barbecue hosted by the grocery store I volunteer at. It's strange to think that I've been at university for almost a year. Sheffield definitely feels like my home now.

There aren't many full length photos of this outfit because it was so windy yesterday so my hair was whipping all over the place. I'm going to try and find a better backdrop for outfit photos soon as well. Ethan and I plan on walking to an abandoned railway for photos, as well as finding an aesthetically pleasing wall nearby. I'll be back to taking photos in my garden over summer. 

I've finally ordered battteries for my film camera and I also picked up a disposable from Boots yesterday. I am hoping to take lots of photos of the last week of first year, as nearly all the photos I have of this year have been taken on my phone. I want something more tangible. I will probably post my favourite photos on here at some point.

Some photos from the past few weeks:


/ethan photographed spector on sunday before their gig at leadmill

/breakfast at my favourite cafe

/peddler night market

/watching clueless at leadmill 

/sheffield general cemetery

I hope you have a lovely week. I've been accepted on The Tab Fellowship programme this summer for their Babe site. My first article will be up some time next week! 

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