Thursday, 7 July 2016

review: fendi fall 2016 couture

At first glance, what is most spectacular about the latest Fendi couture collection is its setting. People travel from all over the world to visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome. It is shrouded in romance and legend. Tossing a coin into the fountain ensures good fortune and a return to Rome. However, this evening, another miracle occurred on the famous site: celestially dressed Fendi models walked on water.

via Vogue Runway

A glass runway was built across the fountain so that models could glide along the water. If the fairytale setting wasn't enough, the clothes lived up to it. Organza, velvet and fur were all embellished with absolutely dreamy designs. Each year Lagerfeld wows at Fendi with its ethereal magic. It is starkly different to the classical looks Lagerfeld creates at Chanel. 

If fairies flew around the Trevi Fountain granting the wishes of those who toss coins into the water, they would be dressed in Fendi couture. Floral embellishments, feathery fabrics and forest greens all evoke images of fairytales. This is fitting for the show's setting as I noticed an Instagram comment from one woman saying that she got engaged by the fountain where the show was held. Rome is a city steeped in history, but setting the collection in a location as iconic as the fountain, reminds people of their own personal histories as well, which is especially important in couture where each piece is so unique it needs to connect to us on a human level.

via Vogue Runway

One look in particular (above left) stood out as highlighting the fairytale theme. The castle, the flowers and the princes on horses could have been taken from a picture book. The dress was definitely made for a modern princess, with the midi length revealing cute ankle boots. If money can't buy happiness at least it can buy you a happily ever after on a couture dress. It was Bella Hadid’s closing look, (above right) however, that stole the show as the most iconic piece in the collection. Bella looked like a fairytale princess, (Snow White, perhaps?) in the forest green embellished cape sealing the fact that Lagerfeld tapped into the romance of the location perfectly.

It was the opening look (below left) that jarred with the rest of the collection. The bright red boots stand out against the rest of the more muted and natural colours. Alongside the blue dress they look tacky. The collar and buttons also look more conservative than the rest of the casually delicate looks.

via Vogue Runway

Even the most heavily embellished dresses and oversized fur coats were made to look weightless as they glided across the water. Modern love stories were told through every swish of fabric and every glimpse of glitter catching the light. In case we needed more proof of the validity of couture as an art form, Lagerfeld has just proved it. 

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