Thursday, 28 September 2017

i know the story by heart

I started back at uni this week, so I might not be able to update this blog as frequently as I have been recently. I have lots of ideas to write up, so content is on its way, but it will be more spread out.
The above photos were taken by Ethan before I went to see Lorde on Tuesday. The gig was the most joyful experience and I danced and cried then danced some more.
I'm wearing an American Apparel turtleneck, H&M leather jacket and Topshop trousers. I tried to style a Lorde-esque outfit. Last time I saw her I wore a 'Tennis Court' t-shirt I made but that has since fallen apart.

Though I have only just started back at uni, I have been back in Sheffield for nearly a month. The photos in this post are from days out, film nights, poetry readings, brunches and gigs. Even though I'm back at lectures now, I still hope to make time to explore the city and its cultural offerings, as it is my last year here. I will probably be based in and around London when I graduate so I want to make the most of being up north whilst I can. I've been to Manchester twice in the past week. Despite being so nearby I have rarely visited. I finally spent a day exploring Northern Quarter which I enjoyed as much as people had said I would. 

On Monday I didn't start uni until 5pm so I had time to do some reading. This year is the most interesting year of the degree because I am studying Romantic and Victorian literature and America and the Avant-Garde, which includes film, art and music, with the chance to create an artwork for one of the assessments. I'm currently planning on making a zine of poetry and collage. After uni on Monday I saw The Jesus and Mary Chain. It was my third time seeing them, but it was still amazing as they're one of my favourite bands.

Tuesday is my busiest day at uni, so I went straight from a 3-hour seminar to get the train to Manchester to see Lorde. The train journey back afterwards was long so I wrote about the gig in my journal: Wow. That was one of the most joyful experiences of my life. I danced 'til I was blind, fell in love with the moment, cried, smiled, felt it all. I'm a sweaty mess, but I'm happy.

The main step up from previous years at uni is the amount of reading. You could literally read 24/7 and still not get through all the suggested secondary reading. I am glad that there is a creative component to one of my modules. I think I'd go crazy if it was all criticism.

This weekend I'm off to Manchester again for Floating Points at Warehouse Project. We're staying the night so it'll be a nice mini break to end the first week back of third year.

I hope everyone is having a good week! 

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