Tuesday, 9 January 2018

blue skied an' clear

Photos by Ethan

I have been wearing sportier styles so far this year, mostly because they're the most comfortable clothes to wear whilst revising in the library, but also because I've finally decided to take a break from my sartorial nostalgia for the '60s and look to later decades for fashion inspo. I took a break from the library this weekend to get outside for these photos, but the temperature's just slightly above freezing at the moment, so it was much colder than the blue sky would have you believe. 

I want to start posting more outfit photos on here again this year. I like recording my outfits. It's recording memories in my journal. Andy Warhol used to collect perfume and buy a new bottle each month so that when he went back to the old scents they would remind him of a particular time. I’d only be able to afford this if I did it with Poundland perfume (ew) so, in a way, I do it with clothes. I've always found that clothes have a really powerful way of evoking memory. If I have precious memories associated with a particular piece, then I try to only wear it on a day when I intend to make more precious memories. Photos aren't always necessary for this, but they do help. 

I often forget about the sentimental aspect of clothes. The fashion industry has no time for sentimentalism because it is always moving so quickly, but the way in which we can emotionally relate to fashion is one of things that first attracted me to it. So, this post has got really soppy, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that 2018 should be for making cool memories in even cooler clothes x

Dress: Bershka
Jacket: vintage
Trainers: Nike Air Force 1s

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