Friday, 30 March 2018

time for transparency: see-through accessories and social media

Valentino Spring/Summer 2018

This season long plastic coats have shrugged off their Patrick Bateman associations. 

Raf Simons declared slasher movies stylish in his Spring collection for Calvin Klein and transparent coats are in. It’s not just coats either. This spring the contents of our bags are as much of a fashion statement as the bags themselves. Social media has made private interests largely a thing of the past. We want people to get a glimpse into our lives, or at least the picturesque version we choose to share. This is why the transparency trend has come at the right time. It comes with the realisation that style and self-expression are not just about clothes. We build our identities around the beauty products we use, the books and magazines we read and the food we buy; all of which can be seen through a transparent bag. With the rise of online media, print publications have moved from necessities to accessories and fashion magazines are the perfect way to accessorise a see-through bag. Gone are the cluttered oversized bags of the noughties. This trend requires minimalism and organisation. Now you must be selective about what you take out with you.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2018

However, transparent pieces themselves do not have to be minimalist. Take notes from Valentino’s Spring 2018 collection and go for sheer, shiny pieces to add an ethereal touch. For a more daring take on the trend, try Chanel’s thigh-high transparent boots. Pair with coloured tights and a rainy day. If you’re feeling extra, swap your reusable supermarket bags for a Burberry alternative. As winter draws to a close it’s nearly time to show off our outfits without hiding them beneath heavy coats. See-through coats offer the perfect transition from winter to spring; offering warmth, but also revealing the clothes worn underneath.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2018

We can only hope for rain so that we have the opportunity to try out this trend. Avoid mud, however and try to keep transparent pieces clean, but if they do get dirty, wash them with vinegar and baking soda for a shiny finish. In the age of social media, trends must be Instagram-worthy, and this trend allows you to show what you are wearing, what you are reading and what you have purchased all in one picture. So, for the first time, we might actually be praying for April showers.

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