Wednesday, 25 July 2018

these are the women absolutely killing it in the street style game right now

Like many, I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I delete it then redownload it more than once a week. It's been deleted for most of this summer so far. No matter how many mental health advocates and body positivity activists I follow, I can't help but see things that make me feel pretty shit every now and then. Pete Davidson spoke the truth when he recently deleted the app, stating, "Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is fucking lit?" And why not listen to one of the originators of big dick energy?

However, one thing I do love about Instagram, and why I have no plans to delete my account completely, is its endless stream of style/lifestyle inspiration. Whilst I have been trying to cut down the contents of my wardrobe this summer (in pursuit of a more minimalist lifestyle and as a result of reading Lucy Spiegle's To Die For), these women tend to work with staple, well-made pieces that can be reworked into multiple looks. They dress for style, not fleeting fashions. Most of the accounts I follow are run by people who work in fashion or are involved in the industry as influencers.

Anyway, here are the women sartorially inspiring me now.

Reese Blutstein

I first followed Reese (@double3xposure) in May last year after reading her profile on Man Repeller. Since then, Blutstein's following has doubled, she has attended multiple fashion weeks, and starred in a campaign for Paco Robanne. Blutstein delivers with simple t-shirts, slip dresses and bright colours. 

My favourite looks from Blutstein are the ones that are easy to recreate and add a personal twist to. She rewears her statement tees in new ways and experiments with layering to ensure that, although pieces are often reworn, no outfit is the same.

Marta Cygan

This month my style inspiration has been coming from fashion blogger Marta Cygan (@lifeofboheme.) Splitting her time between Paris and LA, her look is classic and feminine. Lately, I have been loving clean, versatile pieces. As I clear out my wardrobe, I am looking to only invest in new pieces that I will cherish and look forward to wearing for a long time.

Cygan's mostly monochromatic style is made up of crisp shirts, white denim and summer dresses. Although it is perhaps too refined to be truly bohemian, as her blog name suggests, Cygan possesses a wardrobe that exudes carefree charm.

Alyssa Coscarelli

Senior Fashion Market Editor at Refinery29, Coscarelli (@alyssainthecity), was pretty much one of the only people deserving of being on a best-dressed list after this year's Coachella. This wasn't surprising, considering that her everyday sense of style is equally flawless. She is the queen of floaty summer dresses. 

Her articles at Refinery29 are predominantly roundups and trend reports, but they fit seamlessly in with her own style. However, most of her posts are quite obviously sponsored ads, which brings into question the authenticity of any of her and Refinery29's content.

Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas (@jeannedamas) can sartorially do no wrong. Hers is one of my favourite Instagrams, not only for her idiosyncratically French girl style that I will always adore but also for the chic settings, fashion parties (where she recently hung out with Simone Porte Jacquemus and Emily Ratajakowski) and an endless stream of Parisian cafes. Looking at her Instagram seriously increases my impulse to run away to Paris.

Taylor LaShae

Taylor LaShae (@taylorlashae) looks, and dresses, like a new wave filmstar. I discovered her through a photo on tumblr, which I still use because I find it less toxic and even more inspiring than Instagram. I'm not sure whether I am in love with LaShae's style or just that she looks French and puts vintage filters on her photos. Either way, she is always serving some serious looks.

I plan to post again soon- this summer has been busier than I anticipated. 


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